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TAREI Mini Con May 18-19, 2018 Corpus Christi
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TAREI Mini Con May 18-19, 2018 Palestine
May 18, 2018 - May 19, 2018

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Why Choose TAREI?

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Membership in TAREI is Essential to Your Career!
The Top 10 Reasons for Being a Member of TAREI
1.      TAREI members are set apart from others because of their experience, client services and professionalism.
2.      TAREI members have access to our “Technical Expert Council” which provides them a resource for any technical questions they may run across while on an inspection.
3.      TAREI has been instrumental in making TEXAS inspectors some of the most qualified inspectors in the nation through its leadership in promoting licensing efforts that are being followed by many other states.
4.      TAREI offers legislative representation through our own lobbyist to help monitor and provide input on laws that affect our profession.
5.      TAREI Certification program allows inspectors more credibility and confidence with clients.
6.      TAREI provides a place where inspectors can share ideas and learn from one another and increase their knowledge and professionalism.
7.      TAREI provides insurance companies who offer discounts for being a member.
8.      TAREI maintains an ongoing public relations and advertising program throughout the state to promote using TAREI inspectors.
9.      TAREI offers educational programs throughout the state, at reduced fees for TAREI members.
10.    TAREI is the oldest and largest inspection association in TEXAS.  It is run by inspectors for inspectors.


We need your support and you need the support of TAREI. TAREI enables its members to project a unified voice in interaction with state legislators, the real estate industry and the public to support and promote the interests of real estate inspectors.